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It was 1965, when the fifteen charter members of the Canadian Progress Club – Halifax came together to form a new chapter of our National service club.  From modest beginnings, the club has flourished to become a model of charitable fundraising success in Eastern Canada.  Numerous members have followed the footsteps of the original fifteen and all have adhered to the maxim that you join the Canadian Progress Club to give back to our community.  We limit our membership to fifty and ask a lot of every member.

Having raised millions of dollars since our inception, the Canadian Progress Club - Halifax has been able to make significant contributions to our two main beneficiaries - the King’s Meadow Home and the Progress Centre for Early Intervention.  Our financial and service contributions have also extended far beyond our two major charities to include Special Olympics Canada, Nova Scotia Special Olympics, IWK Hospital, Bryony House, Feed Nova Scotia, Feeding Others Of Dartmouth, Abilities Foundation, Mental Health Organizations, Breast Cancer Foundation and many more.  In 2017, we are extremely proud to introduce our newest beneficiary, The Club Inclusion.

Contributing to the community in the way we do is made possible by the continued support of our generous patrons and sponsors along with the hard work of our members.  Our primary fundraising initiatives include the annual Sports Celebrity Dinner, Big Spring Gala & Auction and our newest annual event, CRAVE: A Food + Drink Experience.  As a club we work tirelessly to provide funds for our charities and will continue to be actively involved in our community for many years to come with your help and continued generosity.



The Canadian Progress Club was founded in Toronto in 1922 and has thirty-seven clubs from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia. The Halifax branch of the Canadian Progress Club was founded in 1965 with fifteen charter members.  Today the Club has a membership of fifty members strong and is part of a national organization that includes over 700 members from coast to coast.  Our Club has been blessed with overwhelming public response and support for all its activities and projects over the last 50 years.  In turn, we have been able to aid and assist those in need in ways that would have been only the distant hopes and dreams of our fifteen charter members in 1965.​​​


> To create and preserve in the Canadian Progress Club a spirit of friendship that is sincere, helpful and enduring.
> To uphold a standard of self-respect requiring that each member’s behavior shall cause no approach to be reflected upon those with whom he
   associates in public or private life.
> To live up to a code of honor which requires business transactions to be in accordance with recognized ethics.
> To make each Canadian Progress Club an association of men and women of high ideals devoted to the advancement of the best interests of the
   Community in which that Club is located.
> To aid and assist those in need.
> To foster good-will throughout the whole of Canada; to aid in uniting all the people of Canada into a Nation that shall stand as one of the great
   and prosperous peoples of the world. 
>To show by leadership and example the pride of being Canadian.


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